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Notepal L2 Notepal L2 Giá đỡ notebook 14" up to 17" bằng nhựa , có  1 fan 16cm , kết nối qua cổng USB  , màu đen
USB 2.0 x 1, Micro USB x 1
S000153 Notebook Cooler 420.000 VND Số lượng: 998 cái

Notepal L2

  • Mã sản phẩm: S000153
  • Giá bán: 420.000 VND

  • Giá đỡ notebook 14" up to 17" bằng nhựa , có  1 fan 16cm , kết nối qua cổng USB  , màu đen
    USB 2.0 x 1, Micro USB x 1


Số lượng
Số lượng: 998 cái

Simplicity Meets




  • Introducing The Notepal L2

    The Notepal L2 is the affordable, no-frills lightweight laptop cooling solution for all your needs. Wherever or whenever you are, our laptop stand offers a silent cooling fan with plug-and-play capability for convenient performance, and a full mesh metal board for optimal air flow and minimal slippage. User-friendly ergonomic design boosts comfort when using your laptop for long periods.

  • Ergonmic Comfort

    The ergonomically proven 8 °viewing angle, will enhance typing comfort at work and gives you the best views while gaming at home.

  • Extra USB Port

    The NotePal L2 provides an extra USB port located next to the micro USB power port at the top of the cooler.

  • Slim and Light Weight

    For Portable Cooling

    With only 0.64 kg of weight ,take the Notepal L2 wherever you want, and use it whenever you need.

  • Blue LED

    No Switch Required

    turned on automatically when plugged in USB port. It not only indicates working status but also light ambience up in dark environment.

  • Full Mesh Metal Design

    full range frameless mesh allows superior airflow and prevents laptop slippage

  • 160mm Blue LED Silent Fan

    Equipped with one 160 mm in diameter large fan instead of multiple smaller fans to reduce noise and efficiently dissipate heat in silence.

Product Name Notepal L2
Model MNW-SWTS-14FN-R1
Dimension 379 x 285 x 47.5 mm
Fan Dimension Ø160x15 mm
Fan Speed 1400 ± 15% RPM
Fan Air Flow 6 ~ 20 CFM (Max)
Fan Noise 29 dBA (Max)
Power USB 5V DC
Ports USB 2.0 x 1, Micro USB x 1
Current Consumption 0.45 A
Power Consumption 2.25 W
Compatibility Support up to 17" laptop
Weight 0.64 kg
Warranty 2 Years
EAN Code 4719512060643
UPC Code 884102033247

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